2019 Prospectus


Tryout Process

Step 1: Fill out the tryout survey.

  • Womxn's Combine with Lady Forward: Saturday, May 4, 2019 (9 a.m. –1 p.m.)

  • Open Tryouts: Sunday, May 5, 2019 (8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)

  • Invite Tryouts: Saturday, May 18, 2019 (12 p.m. – 4 p.m.) and Sunday, May 19, 2019 (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

Step 2: Train and prepare.

Players attending tryouts must be fit, prepared to run hard for multiple hour sessions, and ready to perform at your top level, both physically and mentally. We expect people to attend tryouts with the same mentality that will carry into our practices and tournaments. This means we set the stage in April for what we expect June through October:

  • Be focused and engaged

    • Active listening to explanation of drills, offenses, defenses etc.

    • Ask questions

    • Minimize small talk that detracts from focus, energy, and effort.

  • Make adjustments

    • If something doesn’t work the first or second time, try to do it differently.

    • If you receive feedback, implement that as soon as possible.

  • Eagerness to learn and improve

    • Thrive in uncomfortable scenarios.

    • Embrace the tryout process: pressure is a privilege!

    • Be open to collaborating with peers and leadership.

  • Commitment to the team and to yourself

    • Show up early

    • Embody a “team first” attitude.

    • Play intense. Play safe.

Step 3: Monitor communications up until team time.

Team time starts 15 minutes before planned practices or warm-ups for competition. As tryouts approach, we will communicate via email and GroupMe -- please monitor for updates. Due to the unpredictable nature of Wisconsin weather, we may need to change tryout locations with little warning. (We only use facilities that are open and playable.)

Step 4: Show up early

We need you to be there 20 to 30 minutes early to get a name tag, get a photo taken, and check in. Be there early enough for you to do any individual mobilization, activation, etc. There will be 20 minutes allotted for dynamic warm-ups. If you need additional time, you need to get there early.

Email the captains, Amelia, Rachel, & Rose, with any questions.

Vision Statement

Heist provides opportunities for female athletes to learn, grow and compete, while building community in the Midwest. We 1) are committed to growth in ourselves and our community; 2) value competitiveness and SOTG; 3) are invested in ourselves and the team.

Selection Criteria

We aim to be as transparent as we can through the tryout process and provide opportunities to showcase talents through different scenarios. At the end of each tryout stage, our committee will give you feedback on your performance through email. The goal is for you to have a positive, fun, and challenging experience.

What we are looking for:

Knowing yourself as a player

We want you to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a player and teammate. You should demonstrate a willingness to work on weaknesses and set yourself up to showcase and take advantage of your strengths. You are willing to step outside your comfort zone to explore new skills.

On Field Vision

We want to break the mark a ton this season. We want to move the disc quickly and throw to open hands while working together on offense to create space for other teammates. Flow will be created by making well timed cuts that are in sync with what is happening on the rest of the field. On defense, we will communicate our butts off and use quality footwork to dictate the space that is available to our offensive match-ups.

Teammate qualities

We are looking for positive and supportive individuals who value “We” over “Me.” We want players who acknowledge strengths and growth opportunities as a team and as individuals. We celebrate growth and commit to team goals no matter the outcome of a single game. We are looking for players that are willing to be selfless in their play and encouragement.


We think athleticism is more than just how fast you run and how high you jump. We want to see players working hard to get into the right position to set up the next play. Players should have the body awareness to not only know how high you can jump but also to command the space that you need to attack and win the disc. We want to see movement that shows your grit and swagger on the field.


If you’re selected:

Attend team weekends

  • June 1-2: BICI (Aurora, IL)

  • June 8-9: Practice Weekend (Madison, WI)

  • June 29-30: Practice Weekend (Madison, WI)

  • July 13-14: Pro-Elite Challenge (Aurora, CO)

  • July 20-21: Practice Weekend (Madison, WI)

  • July 27-28: Select Flight East (Columbus, OH)

  • August 10-11: Practice Weekend (Madison, WI)

  • August 17-18: Elite Select Challenge (Rockford, IL)

  • September 7-8: Practice Weekend (Madison, WI)

  • September 14-15: Practice Weekend (Madison, WI)

  • September 21-22: Regionals (TBD)

  • September 28-29: Practice Weekend (Madison, WI)

  • October 5-6: Practice Weekend (Madison, WI)

  • October 12-13: Practice Weekend (Madison, WI)

  • Oct 24-27: Nationals (San Diego, CA)

(tournaments in bold)


  • Time commitment. We expect you to be 15 minutes early to team practices and workouts. This allows you to cleat up, get changed, and roll prior to practice as necessary. If you want to warm up throws, please give yourself enough extra time before practices start.

  • Financial commitment. Approximate pre-Nationals team dues are $350-$450 for rostered players to cover tournament bids, uniforms, team rental cars, and hotel rooms for all tournaments up until Nationals. Personal expenses (food, merchandise) and travel to tournaments (flights, gas) are not included.

Complete fitness and mental toughness training

We will make resources and opportunities available to you throughout the season to craft your fitness regimen that will keep your body in peak condition. It will help you plan for how you can prioritize taking care of your body and being ready to contribute on the field.

Our team will have guided mental toughness activities, which require you to read, think, and actively implement techniques that promote a champion mindset -- we’re growth-oriented; no room for fixed mindsets on our team!

Assume Officer/Leadership Positions

During the season the team needs your help to ensure things run smoothly. Once the team is finalized, we will fill the following committees:

  • Finance and Fundraising Committee (2-4 positions): managing funds, finding new partners

  • Travel Committee (2-4 positions): travel logistics for tournaments

  • Wellness Committee (4-6 positions): fitness, mental toughness, SOTG

  • Branding Committee (2-5 positions): social media and swag

  • Outreach and Equity Committee (2-5 positions): skills clinics, website updates, helping provide resources about equity

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